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Editorial Days 2018: Save the Date

Learn about aspects of modern editorial management, network with peers who, like you, are in charge of managing editorial workflows and see how Desk-Net will support you in the future.

The conference is primarily targetted at users of the editorial management software Desk-Net.

New version: New colors, less clicks

A new version of Desk-Net (1.91) has just been released this week. We are kicking off 2018 with several usability improvements and an all new color scheme:

  • Colors: You might have noticed significant changes to Desk-Net's usability and look & feel in 2018. First we start off with a complete change of the color set. Hope you like it!

Slack in the newsroom - how and why Slack is re-writing editorial workflow

“Our office in the cloud”, “where work happens”, “chat on steroids”, “the new water cooler”.

All of these are ways that Slack users have described the newsroom tool to media Ccnsultant Marian Semm. “For some it is even the central tool replacing the CMS” declares Semm, who went from a newspaper background into specialising in media technology.