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New version out: Group assignment, performance, recurring absences

We have just released another version of Desk-Net (#72) and this is what’s new:

  • Multiple group assignment: Our new version allows you to assign stories and events to more than one group. For example, you can now assign a story to the “Editorial Department” and the “Online Department”.
    You will find the group menu top right on the entry mask.
  • Performance:The saving process for stories and events is much faster.
  • Recurring absences: Since a few weeks it is possible to add your weekly availability including recurring absences on the Settings page.
    Your recurring absences are not only automatically displayed on the Availability page, but also on the Dashboard page and on the Short-Term Calendar page.

For admins:

  • Temporary user accounts: The new Desk-Net version allows admins to determine an end date for a new user profile, when creating it. You are now able to set up an account for example for an intern and already define the end date.

We hope these changes make working with Desk-Net easier for you and welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net team

New version out: French version, No Status, improved usability

We have just released a new version of Desk-Net (version #71, actually…) and this is what’s new:

  • Desk-Net en français: Our new version allows you to use Desk-Net not only in English and German, but in French as well.
    You can find the language settings on the Settings page.
  • New status “No Status”: In the past it has been mandatory to select a status such as “Accepted” for every story. This requirement is being dropped. The new version allows you to select “No Status”.
    On one hand, this gives you more options to work with the different status levels while on the other hand, using “No Status” cleans up your story lists since no status icon will be displayed.
    The setting “No Status” has been preselected once for every user after the release.

We have made three changes to the popular page “My Schedule”:

  • New layout: The page has been slightly redesigned to improve the page’s user-friendliness.
  • New task indicator: You find newly assigned tasks to be marked once with the label New. This label is not displayed for tasks the user enters himself.
  • Display of main appointment: A user like a photographer can be assigned to an appointment that is independent of the main appointment. In the new version the user is able to see not just his special appointment, but also the main appointment. Please select “Show details” in the page settings to activate this setting.

And we have implemented multiple minor changes to improve Desk-Net’s user-friendliness:

  • Aggregated lists sorted by status: Some list such as the Long-term Planning can be sorted by status. A story scheduled for publication on multiple platforms on the same day would have showed up as many times in the list. In the new version these story lists are consolidated and every story is displayed just once per day.
  • Improved invitation emails: The invitation emails for new users feature a more pleasant design.
  • Publication platform default setting: In the past there were situations where no platform was preselected for a story. New users sometimes got confused by this. A new logic does prevent this from happening. There is always a platform preselected.
  • Date format in notification emails: We have changed the date format in the notification emails to feature the weekday (e.g. “Fri, 18 November”) in order to increase the email’s readability.
  • Helpful hints for new users: On almost every page new users will see a hint explaining the purpose of the page.
    Those helpful messages can be hidden by clicking on a link. However, after the third visit to the page they will disappear automatically.
  • Improved Fast Entry box: The Fast Entry was slightly modified to improve its usability.

We hope these changes make working with Desk-Net even easier for you and we welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net Team

New version out: Weekly availability, new navigation, better notes

We have just released another version of Desk-Net (version #70, actually…) and this is what’s new:

  • New navigation: The navigation has been adjusted just a little, but clearly noticable: The Inbox is now located under Management. The pages Calendar and Story Lists have switched places.2014-12-16_153211
  • Weekly availability: Many of our users are working part-time. Our new version makes it possible to select your regular working days on the Settings page.
    Your recurring attendances and absences are automatically displayed on the Availability page.

Major changes to the Notes feature:

  • Notes per issue: In the past it has only been possible to assign notes to a date, but now you can assign notes to an issue. Such a note is displayed on the Dashboard page and on the Short-term Planning.

  • Attachments for notes: It is now possible to attach one or more files to a note.
  • Notes for multiple groups: Notes with a date can now be assigned to multiple groups – not just one.
    This works even across multiple Desk-Net accounts if you are a user with access to more than one account.

Besides those major changes we have implemented multiple minor improvements:

  • Publication platforms without categories: From now on you can assign a story directly to a platform without having to pick a category. This makes it possible to set up simple platforms like “Newsletter” or “Facebook”.
  • Deletion confirmation: By popular demand we have (again) implemented a deletion conformation layer when you delete a story. This will prevent the accidental deletion of an entry.
  • Content tab – saving in draft status: We cleaned up the content tab to make space for new features.
    The saving of content in draft status is centralized. Instead of being on the right the new feature is placed above the save button.
  • Improved Availability page: The Availability page has a legend now to explain the colour codes. You can also find the absence notes in the contextual layers.
  • Timeline – new column: We have added a separate column on the Timeline page. It tells if an entry is a story, an appointment, a deadline etc. to make
    the page far more readable.timeline engl
  • IP access restriction – add an exception: You can restrict the access to Desk-Net so that access is only granted from within your corporate network.
    Now it is possible to add an exception to this rule for individual users (this setting can be set in the user profile).
  • Bigger file attachments: You can now upload files of up to 90MB (previously 70MB). We are planning to increase this limit further.

We hope these changes make working with Desk-Net easier for you and welcome your feedback at

The Desk-Net team

New version out: Design refresh, iPad optimisations and more

We have just released another version of Desk-Net (version #68, actually…) and this is what’s new:

  • Design refresh: We have continuously updated many design elements of Desk-Net over the years.Now it is time for a modern design of the header and navigation area as well as some other elements such as the buttons.New vs. old header designAs you can see from the before/after picture we have managed to decrease the header’s height.You will also notice that the new designs succeeds in better guiding the users to the important header elements.
  • Touch optimisations: As part of the design refresh we have also added some optimisations for users of touch devices such as an iPad.Menu items and other touch elements are now further apart reducing the risk of accidental deletions or other incorrect actions.
  • Reporting: Users working in departments of communications or PR agencies have asked us many times for a reporting feature. Read more…

Get to know the new Availability page

We have just delivered a new page that will massively help you in coordinating your newsroom’s staff: The new Availability Page

dn Availability page - for newsrooms 2014-07-31

Why this new page? You want to know who is available right now? Or tomorrow? You need to see who is busy or who is assigned to a shift?

The new availability page quickly provides you with this information.

These are its main features:

  • Display the availability of a user: A colored rectangle displays the rough availability per day and user.
    Grey signals non-availabilty such as a holiday for instance, whereas green indicates a user’s general availability.
    The list of users is automatically sorted by availability upon opening. A click on another date sorts the list by availability on that day.
  • Detailed list of tasks: A click on one of the colored boxes opens a layer depicting the user’s tasks on that day. Read more…

Manage topics in Desk-Net – new feature

We have released two major new features. Both are based on lots of user feedback.

This is what’s new:

  • Topics: So far you had been able to group multiple stories or events by using hashtags such as #wc2014 for the World Cup 2014. We call such story groups Topics.Many of our clients have asked for a possibility to manage such topics and to have more features for managing entries related to that topic.

    Enter the new Topics page.

    Here you can define a Topic and review the list of your topics. In addition to that you can enter new stories and events related to the topic as well as view those entries.

    Learn more about Topics in our support portal.

  • Timeline: This new page below Management enables you to list multiple entries in a strictly chronological way.The two main purposes are to view all or select entries around a topic (e.g. “Show me all stories related to the World Cup 2014″) or to view all entries related to an issue (e.g. “Show me all deadlines related to the Summer issue of our monthly magazine”).

Both new pages are considered “version 1 pages”. They will be expanded and optimized heavily based on your feedback.

Please send us your comments and suggestions to

The Desk-Net team

New features in Desk-Net: Custom formats, story list email and more

We have just released a new version of Desk-Net and we would like to tell you about all the cool new features and improvements we have implemented for you.

Our efforts have focussed on Custom Formats – a feature that many of you have been asking for.

dn Neue Icons 2014-03-14

Read more…


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